Sale of start-up company

There was a news published at the beginning of December , the sale of the successful Slovak company to the world giant. The sale price was not disclosed. Price distribution is not trivial and is influenced by several parameters. The share of the invested cash-in, the ratio of cash-in to the number of own shares, protection of small shareholders, priority shares and others, which are always described in the  "shareholder agreement". It's a beautiful theme to simulate and prepare a report and visualisations. I had the opportunity to prepare such report in the past and then I chose excel.
Now the sale of has inspired me to produce such a report in Power BI. I came up with a fictitious company founded by three founders. They also received funds from friends for the start-up, during the first growth they gradually approached two medium-sized investors and for the needs of further growth they acquired three relatively large investors two years ago. And then came a large multinational company that made an irresistible offer of 25 miles. According to the shareholder agreement, the order of satisfaction of shareholders is determined on the basis of the liquidation preference. And in addition, it is necessary to satisfy employees with Phantom Stock Plan program. Redistribution of those 25 mil. is really interesting and is based on the fact that those who come first have a ROE many times greater than the last. It is not always the case that the last ones will be the first ....
If you want to see how such a report can be displayed in Power BI, look at the sale of this fictitious company on our website.
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