Motor vehicle tax


The end of the year is approaching, and with it the obligation for each company to calculate and pay motor vehicle tax. My wife asked me if I could do a Power Bi report that calculate the tax value for all vehicles in the fleet. And since tomorrow is St. Nicolaus day and the gifts don't have to be just in the boot, one gift will be a kind of "Power". And is not not only for my wife but for all of you and you can find it on our website ...

If you want to see this report with our sample data, you can click on it on our website - CLICK
We have also prepared for you the opportunity to test your own Power BI report over your own data.  If you are interested, you can also download this sample report. You will also find sample input data and use your own list of cars. Then just connect this file to the report and see how the value of the tax will change over time with the current fleet or with new cars.