Dear All


Dear all, this addressing has been for many years in my emails with information for colleagues, internal customers. After addressing , I used to write that something is ready to go into operation. Now I have decided to use this address in our first post on our site, because I'm going to write that something is ready to go for you.

Dear all, 

     if you are reading these lines then it is clear that two people with a passion for numbers and the system have decided to transform their knowledge and experience into a range of services under their own brand. After many years of working for our employers and long discussions about our future, we are coming to the market under the K4A brand and we are going to look for our (and maybe your) blue ocean.

Our vision is to use the available data and facts associated with the analysis of options in your daily decisions. Our mission is to help interpret data from your company and the surrounding area and help you on the path to your success.

Please take a look at the three basic pillars of our services and subsequent samples of our portfolio at and judge for yourself whether the data and way of visualization of it from different angles are not what could contribute to the development and growth of your business.

Yours sincerely

                  JK a JK